Creative portraiture

( undergoing trial pricing, may change in the future )

VIP Photoshoot 

Natural light

Processed photos, online album (best selected) 10 per hr 10 per hr
Dvd copy Yes Yes
Postcards 2pcs per hour 2pcs per hour
A4 Glossy/Matte prints 1pc per hour 1pc per hour
Strobes Yes No
+Travel fee Based on location* Based on location*
Price per hour (if extended or indefinite time) 1250 750
Price for 3 hours  



  • Currency: Philippine Peso
  • Foreign rates: Pending



 Extra Prints BUYOUT HQ request Additional Processing 
A4/A3/Postcard Buy all unpublished jpeg photos. For one shooting session. Minimal processing.  HQ copy, 8-bit tiff  Special requests
Postcard = 50php ea 1000php – HQ jpegs 250php ea 200php per photo – normal processing
A4 = 200php ea 500php – Medium resolution jpegs 300php or more. (if  complex)

Transport fee:

  • Baguio, La Union, Pangasinan, La Trinidad = Free
  • Metro Manila = 900 (My bus and taxi fares), minimum of 2 hours booking
  • Other locations = *varies on transportation rates


Do you do events?

  • Yes, minimum 5-10k(or more) depending on the length, expectations and workload required. Can function as the second shooter.


Who qualifies for creative / student discounts? (20% discount) (photos are no longer allowed for commercial use)  

  • Requires student’s ID or proof of financial difficulty
  • Idea must be interesting or if costume design is impressive
  • Talent I haven’t worked with before (fire breather? fire dancer? sign up)
  • Legal age (if not, consent form is required)
  • For females: Looks and figure. Creative costumes a plus.
  • For males: I’m looking for epic beards (I’m serious), aged gents preferred or armored cosplay (medieval or fantasy only)


Please visit the FAQ for more info. Or Contact me