We want to shoot in [someplace dangerous], do you charge extra?

Rate is also based on difficulty, conditions and venue. If the venue involves hiking past carnivorous leeches, deadly vipers or angry cats I’d have to increase the rate for bandages and psychiatry bills. If the place is in the middle of nowhere, doesn’t match the theme and is a known place for photo gear muggers then I’d have to pass.

Can you guarantee excellent results for my money?

Please examine my style or suggest the type of ‘look’ that you want, there are also no guarantees your dream photo will come to life due to technical or style issues (bad things happen :( and I embrace my humanity ;)  )  so please explain thoroughly the ideal shot you want. What I can guarantee is my style consistency and a slightly higher rate of keepers.

My friend or distant relative has a nice camera, why should I hire you?

Having a nice camera is one thing, skill is another. What is their understanding of lighting, composition, camera settings? what about flattering poses, angles and specialized equipment usage (like wide and tele lenses)? do they use strobes? how do they use natural light?  there’s a big difference in where skills and experience can take you, much like a cook with a nice stove, it’s in the skills part where they shine.

 This other service offers a cheaper rate!

I try my best to create some budget-friendly packages but unfortunately I cannot lower my rates any further … my rate is even set for the third-world, any more and I am shooting myself in the foot due to my monthly bills and maintenance. Doing so will also devalue myself and my work.

Do I need to pay a deposit to book a schedule?

Yes, 50% deposit :)

How did you come up with that hourly rate?

By computing :

— depreciation of gears, insurance, upgrade rate, gear replacement (batteries, remotes, etc), storage, business expenses like electricity, typical office supplies, props, print samples, rent, advertising, actual profit, vacations, expenses to consider when sick, accountant fees, city taxes,  etc.

Do you still do X-deals (exchange deals) photoshoots? Your photos for our time? TFP? TFCD?

Yes! :) For free shoots I can only do this once in awhile and is not given much priority (may take you months or years of waiting or not at all). No prints are provided for free shoots, No hq photos, only online photos (in facebook or other social media) that are tagged to you. You also get to sign a model release which I can use for publishing, selling or simply put up in my portfolio or picture frame in my home.

Do send me a message detailing your idea. Please read the qualifications for my creatives/student’s package, it also details the stuff that I am looking for.

Can you teach me photography for a fee?

Sometimes written tutorials that I post here are not enough and you may have several questions in mind that I may not have the time to answer. I wasn’t born a teacher but I do what I can to help you for a fee.

I will charge you by the hour, same portraiture rate +Talent fee of a model of your choosing and make-up artist if you need one. I only do one-on-one up to three, no huge groups please.

There are no guarantees you will learn from me, especially if you already have the experience and skill. What you are buying is what I currently know and my style.





What goes on in a photoshoot?

We are often condemned as folks who simply press a button and call it a job =/ it’s not as easy as it looks.

  1. For big gigs I do location scouting first to find the best angles, sun location and other light sources are noted, foot traffic and get the necessary location permits. Check the weather too prior to the shooting date. 
  2. Then the actual shoot, I carry my heavy gear with or without an assistant. Lift my heavy camera with heavy lenses overhead, lie down on dirt, climb trees … in the rain …  and so on. The shooting continues on your glorious day.
  3. At the end of the shoot I show some of the shots to the models for approval and to be marked as their favorites, these will be ones to be processed thoroughly. Some of my own favorites are also marked. This is the culling process, mis-fires and weird shots are also deleted, but the client can request for it for a fee.
  4. Get home, rest. Rest some more. Then post-processing starts after re-calibrating my screen colors with my ambient light.
  5. Post the first few previews to my website, I understand the client couldn’t wait :)
  6. A day or two and I’m still processing …
  7. Printing time, recalibrating the colors to match as close as possible.
  8. Delivery.

How long can I expect to see the photos?

Processing of photos may take 2-3 days, but may take a week or so if in high volume or depending on my workload. But usually I upload a preview or two in the same day with minimal processing.

What if it rains or the unexpected happens?

There are no guarantees for this, bad things happen. We can still try and shoot through the rain but I will not be responsible for anything bad to happen no matter how much I try to prevent it. And there’s always indoors.

How much processing is done in my photos?

I apply some global adjustments on regular shots, blemish removals and minor skin softening. For the highest rated photos I get more in-depth with frequency separation, high pass, dozens of plugins to clean up the image or even work with composites should the client requires it. Effects are used as needed or requested, it’s your image after all.

What software do you use?

Lightroom4/5, Photoshop CC, Entire Google Nik suite, Topaz Denoise/ReMask/PhotoFX. All legit and paid for :)

What’s in your photo armory?

A 5d mkiii, a 60d. 28mm 1.8 usm, 17-40mm f4L, Tamron 28-75mm 2.8, 100mm 2.8 usm macro, 70-200 f4L usm, Sigma 50mm 1.4, Canon 85mm 1.8, Canon 40mm 2.8 STM. A load of softboxes, brollies, an octabox, a lumiquest ltp, a gridded beauty dish with diffusion sock, gels, 580exii, 480ex, nissin di622, phottix flash triggers, seamless white&black paper backgrounds with stand, Canon Pixma printer, Canon CP800 dye sublimation printer and some light stands.