Welcome to my site :) I am Elijah O. Alcantara, a Baguio-based web developer and photographer / editor. This website will serve as my portfolio for both my digital creations and photography.

My first love in photography started in capturing landscapes. The portraiture part came later on by accident when I stumbled upon a cosplay event. I started combining those two loves to create environmental portraits. My lighting and compositional techniques were largely inspired from Joe McNally and Michael Freeman. I eventually came up with my own styles and techniques.

I have a unique preference for surreal portraiture, cosplay or movie/acting scenes and landscapes (and the traveling that comes with it)

I love working with fun people :)


Should there be any comments, suggestions, business inquiry or would like to setup a funshoot or commission please don’t hesitate to email me.

Best regards,

Elijah O. Alcantara